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Wine should be enjoyed and paired with good friends and of course, better memories. French influences, both in the vines we grow and in the Forsee family, create Illinois wines that can be enjoyed on their own or with your favorite fare.

Norton (Dry Red)  $7.00/$23.95Winery
A very smooth Norton….spice in the aroma, well rounded and complex!  A release of 2009’s harvest, this robust wine will sip perfectly with the ribeye steak sandwich or black n’ bleu burger.

Corot Noir (Dry Red)  $6.00/$20.95
A full bodied, dry red without oak, aromas of black pepper and clove, with hints of jammy raspberry on the palate, straight from this French hybrid grape.

Okaw Red (semi-sweet)  $6.00/$20.95
Hints of light plum and vanilla on the nose, with good berry flavor and a clean finish..enjoyed on its own, but will pair superbly with rich foods.

Endless Summer (sweet red)  $5.00/$16.95
The classic Norton grape in a new formula that will surprise and delight fruit-wine drinkers with that sweet, fruity, super smooth taste.  Think BBQ!

Chardonel (dry white)  $6.00/$20.95
Ah, taste citrus notes and a little minerality in this bone dry hybrid of Chardonnay, grown right at Forsee Vineyards!  Pairs well with seafood such as the blackened catfish or Marty’s Mac n’ Cheese with shrimp.

No. 76 (off dry white)  $5.00/18.95
Yes, it still goes by it’s research name.  You will find a soft, delicate white wine with hints of apricot.  Think of grilled New Winesshrimp or a fresh salad and No. 76!  Room temperature brings out the apricot flavors.

Traminette (semi-sweet white)  $5.00/$18.95
Floral aromas greet you as you raise your glass…gewurztraminer parentage produces a nice, German-style wine.

Okaw White (semi-sweet white)  $5.00/$18.95
Spicy aromas lead you to a taste of ripe fruit that opens into flavors of pears and apples.  Goes  great with pork, turkey and chicken to compliment but not overwhelm.  Also perfect for sipping!

Vignoles (sweet white) $5.00/$18.95
Forsee’s newest release!  Join us in trying this single variety wine.  Many customers love Vignoles due to its aroma of orange and delicate balance of sweet orange and pear flavors!

Niagara (sweet white)  $5.00/$16.95
From the 2011 harvest, this white version of concord called Niagara reminds you of Grandma’s grape arbor and the wonderful flavor and aromas found there.

Winter Blush (sweet)  $5.00/$16.95
Bold sweet cranberry flavor of this wine is followed by naturally occurring cinnamon.  This is absolutely THE Perfect wine to make into spritzers!  Ham, pork, turkey or chicken are natural pairings.

Montgomery County Sparkling Wine  $6.00/$20.95
Come join us for bubbly…from Forsee’s vineyards to your glass, full fruity flavor with a hint of crispness and tiny bubbles to add to your enjoyment. 



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